Relaxation Massage Therapy

Get multiple health benefits through regular sessions of invigorating massage from a trained professional.

The principles of massage are supported by complementary and alternative medicine. It is offered along with standard treatments for a range of medical conditions. A number of studies validate that it is helpful in lowering stress and decreasing pain and muscle tension. 

Some studies also verify that massage is helpful for managing: 

Digestive Disorders
Insomnia Related to Stress
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Soft Tissue Strains or Injuries
Sports Injuries
Temporomandibular Joint Pain

People also testify that massage enhances the body’s comfort and helps them create a bond and connection with others. 


Receive deep, powerful and holistic healing and restore the balance of the body, mind and spirit with Elemental Connections. I use Reiki, an energy-based healing practice that can be performed hands-on or by distance. As a registered reiki master through Usui and Seichim, let me help to restore your inner balance.

Reiki came from the root word ‘Rei’ which means ‘God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and ‘Ki’ that translates to ‘life force energy’. I will transfer energy through placing my hands lightly on your body or in close proximity to your skin, depending on your preference. You will be fully clothed throughout the procedure.

This renewing, relaxing and soothing therapy can eliminate stress and negative emotions. Reiki offers these health benefits:

Balance of Emotions (e.g. Being Overwhelmed)
Energy Level Improvement
Healing of Physical Disease or Injury
Pain Reduction
Peace of Mind
Refreshment of Nervous System
Release of Negative Feelings
Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Surgery Recovery Support


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