Dovecote House Bed and Breakfast

The perfect home for your visit to Auckland city. With two double rooms available and a delicious breakfast waiting for you in the morning. Below are some of the features that are included in your stay.

Gourmet Breakfast

On offer is homemade bread, preserves, and spreads, fresh or toasted muesli, fresh yogurt, both dairy and dairy-free, seasonal selection of fresh or home-bottled fruit as season permits.

Home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables when in season and homemade preserves ensure the table is full of locally sourced, natural produce all year round.

Cooked breakfast can be done on request, at an extra cost of $35.00, please order the day before.

Spa Pool

You are welcome to relax and unwind in the spa pool, set in the back garden.

This model is lower allowing easier access for everyone while eliminating the need for steps that become hazardous when wet.

The open plan of the spa is comfortable as there are no restrictive seating positions, there are however seating pads and the same level of bubble action.

Blockhouse Bay Beach

Dovecote House is only a short walk away from Blockhouse Bay Beach. The perfect setting to enjoy a morning stroll, watching the sunrise with a coffee in hand.

Indoor and Outdoor Dining

There is a cozy indoor dining area along with a spacious outdoor area, great for entertaining and having a sit-down meal.

In-house Massage Service

Treat yourself to a relaxing aromatherapy massage when you stay at Dovecote House.

Quiet Spaces

Enjoy some family time or a drink in the tranquil garden surrounded by nature and wildlife. 

Natural, locally sourced produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden (season permitting) and my homemade preserves ensure the table is full of locally sourced, natural produce all year round.


Steps are being taken in the process of reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.
All bathroom amenities are made right here in NZ so that has reduced our carbon footprint. The amenity bottles are all biodegradable. Partly used bottles can be taken away with you in the ‘goodie’ bag.

You are encouraged to play your part in the way you use precious energy and water supplies and ask that you dispose of all rubbish responsibly. The bin in the dining room is split, meaning recycling is on one side and the other for rubbish. All food scraps can be composted. 

If you are happy to use your towel again, please hang it on the bathroom rack. I will refresh your towel every second day. If you require a clean towel before that, please leave the dirty towel on the bathroom floor.

I collect rainwater for watering the garden.  In the very hot summer months,  sprinklers are used when needed. I have changed all of the power garden tools over to battery-operated so minimizing the use of fossil fuels.

To help reduce the use of plastic bags, there is a shopping bag in your wardrobe for you to use when you go to the supermarket. I also use compostable bags where possible.

There are bees on the property, producing honey and our vegetable garden and fruit trees produce some of the vegetables and fruit needed for breakfast.

I use glass jars for bottling our products and they are reused each bottling season.

My latest initiative is composting all of the cardboard that comes from packaging. Any polystyrene is dropped off at Mitre 10, they are taking it for free to recycle.

Any suggestions to improve sustainability practices are greatly appreciated. 

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Blockhouse Bay is only 13 kms away from central Auckland but feels more like a seaside holiday town, than a suburb of New Zealand's largest city. 


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